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"Travels Lanka" invites you to visit the “Pearl of Indian Ocean” and experience the greatest travelling adventure in your life. Sri Lanka or Ceylon as identified by British and the rest of the world is truly an Island Paradise rich with scenic beauty;

Greeks called her Serendib andancient sailors and traders called her Seylan or Ceylon. Her Gems and Ivory brought here traders of other lands through the Silk route and her Spices brought here the Dutch and Portuguese. British introduced Tea Cultivation and today Sri Lanka is famous all over the world for her Delicious Tea.

In Sri Lanka we have Raja Rata or the land of ancient Sinhala kings where one can see the Ancient Grandeur of old Ceylon. Beautiful Hill country full of mist-clad hills and sparkling water falls cool down our weary soul and feast our eyes with the panoramic view of the surrounding. In Sri Lanka, we have Rathnapura or the City of Gems and Dondra or the City of Gods. At Yala and Wilpatthu Sanctuaries one can see herds of Wild Elephants freely roaming in the jungle and at Historic Kandy, one can see the glory and splendor of the Temple of Tooth Relic. There are more surprises line up for the inquisitive traveler to see; that Travels Lanka can provide you this and much more.

Sri Lanka is an enchanting gateway that offers a whole new perspective on the world we live in. Destinations within the island are unique from one another, be it local traditions, natural landscapes, wildlife or even beaches, all can be a unique experience for you; your Round Tour may provide you an insight into how this Island paradise has become the “Wonder of Asia”.

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